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Plastic Catch No. 4 re-released

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Public art projects are so unpredictable and my Plastic Catch project receives its fair share of plot twists and turns.

I received a tip off that Plastic Catch No. 4 was residing in the cleaner's storage area at the Waurn Ponds shopping centre. I went there hoping to take a photo of it but I was not allowed. Furthermore, the cleaners didn't want the painting and gave it back to me! As the saying goes, "Being an artist means accepting rejection (and still making anyway)".

So yesterday I dropped off Plastic Catch 4.1 in a new location, hoping someone would find it and keep it. I left it outside the Geelong Gallery where the Archibald is currently showing in the hope that an art lover would see it. And they did! Beka posted a photo of it on the Plastic Catch Facebook page with a comment: "Picked up outside the Archibald! Just love this! And reading about its re release! Looking forward to finding the perfect spot for it in my home!"

I am so glad this painting has made it to an appreciative home. Made my day :)

I think of these paintings as little seeds, sowing an environmental message that might eventually grow and take hold. Sometimes they land in barren environments, their message falling on deaf ears but other times the conditions are just right for them to thrive.

Deirdre Boeyen Carmichael, Plastic Catch, single use plastic, plastic soy sauce fish, oil painting, Deirdre Carmichael,
Plastic Catch No 4.1, 2018, oil on canvas, 15 x 15 cm

#plasticcatch #plasticpollution #singleuseplasticisnotsofantastic #oilpainting


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