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Festival of the Sea

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

I was excited to participate in the pole exhibition as part of the Festival of the Sea at Barwon Heads. The theme of the festival was 'Marine Debris – It's Not For Me'. I contributed a few small paintings of plastic fish-shaped soy sauce containers.

I have started to pour paint onto the canvas for the backgrounds as it gives a lovely fluid feel to the paintings. This was after researching the work of Helen Frankenthaler who often worked on the floor and poured paint on the canvas to produce amazing abstract images.

Catch of the Day paintings for the Festival of the Sea pole exhibition at Barwon Heads.

#plasticpollution #marinedebris #singleuseplasticisnotsofantastic #oilpainting #BarwonHeads #plasticsoysaucefish


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