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Beyond the edge of what we can see

We are living in an age where we are saturated with digital images every day. With the rise of networked communication technology, images can be created, shared and altered ad infinitum. We are bombarded with images constantly yet we rarely stop to ponder what is required for a computer to read and render the image on a screen. This work asks the viewer to consider how a digital image is created.

Using a hacked Infrared camera, I have photographed the horizon line where the sea meets the sky. The infrared is a metaphor for revealing what the eye cannot see, in this case, the hexadecimal code that comprises a digital image. The horizon symbolises

the limit of what we can see. Even by revealing the hexadecimal code we cannot make meaning from it. Only machines can read it.

Deirdre Boeyen-Carmichael, Beyond the edge of what we can see, 2020


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