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A Climate Badge in this Climate Emergency

I have participated in a socially engaged art project, Climate Badges, in which artists from around Australia are sending badges of original artworks to people who are making a real difference in fighting for the environment. They are badges of encouragement for our climate heroes. You can find out more about the project on Instagram #climatebadges.

I am sending my climate badge to Greg Mullins, former Fire and Rescue NSW Commissioner and member of the Climate Council, for telling the truth about the climate emergency. Australia is experiencing unprecedented fires (over 3 million hectares at the time of writing and still growing) and the worst drought on record in Queensland and NSW. Our government has failed to act on the warnings of scientists about the climate emergency and even tried to block action on climate change at the Climate Conference in Madrid this month (unbelievable I know). In this barren landscape of climate denial, when our Prime Minister goes on holiday to Hawaii while Australia burns, Mr Greg Mullins has stood out as a true leader in speaking out about the climate emergency. And for that I salute him.

Climate Badge – Unprecedented Bushfire, 2019, oil on canvas.


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