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The Plastic Catch Project, 2019 

The Plastic Catch Project is a socially engaged public art project which aims to create awareness about the impact of single use plastic on the planet, specifically targeting little plastic soy sauce fish capsules. These capsules, which are manufactured in their billions, cannot be recycled and end up in landfill or our oceans where they pollute the water and endanger marine wildlife. They take up to 500 years to degrade, yet we use them for one minute.


Every so often I drop off a painting in a public space with a note asking the finder to let me know the painting has been found. I post a photo of the painting on Facebook and ask that the finder posts a photo of the painting in its new home. It is my hope that these paintings will help start conversations about the problems with these plastic fish so that eventually sushi shops will stop handing out the plastic capsules and consumers will stop requesting them.

More details can be found on the Plastic Catch Facebook page.

16 January 2019: Plastic Catch No. 14 dropped off at the entrance to the NGV.

The painting was found and now resides in Carrajung, Gippsland.

27 January 2019: Plastic Catch No 15 outside the monolithic MONA basking next to Wim Delvoye's Cement Truck.

The painting was found and now inhabits a house in Sydney.

21 February 2019: Plastic Catch No. 16 found its way to the Barwon River, like so much litter does.

The painting was found and now hangs out in a kitchen in Lara.

2 March 2019: Plastic Catch No 17 on a Mondrian grid at the Tasmanian Art Gallery.

The painting was found and now has a home in Battery Point, Hobart.

31 March 2019: Plastic Catch No 18 at the Castlemaine State Festival, dropped off outside the Castlemaine Art Gallery.

The painting was taken but no communication received.

10 May 2019: Plastic Catch No 19 waiting for the bus in Roslyn Rd Belmont near the primary school.

The painting was found and is now in Belmont, Geelong.